Camp Hebron Never Tasted So Good!

Camp Hebron is pleased to have with us a talented, loyal staff, dedicated to serving our guests with excellence and creating delicious dishes that keep guests coming back for more.  Our Bran Pan Rolls are among one of the favorites of our guests and campers. If you planning on baking in the near future, you may want to add this to you menu.

Bran Pan Rolls (serves 12)

Water (1 cup) , Brown Sugar (1/4 cup), Yeast (1 tbsp.), Salt (1 1/2 tsp),

Eggs, beaten (1), Quick Oats &/or Wheat Germ (1/2 cup), Soft butter or Marg. (3 tbsp.), Flour (3 1/2 cups)

Put warm water in mixing bowl. Add sugar, stir to partly dissolve. Add salt & yeast. Stir in eggs, quick oats or wheat germ, and add soft butter. Add minimal amount of flour, then add flour gradually just until dough pulls away from mixing bowl, is smooth and no longer sticky. Let mixer knead dough on speed 2 apx 5 minutes before turning out to rise in a greased covered bowl.  After doubled in size, punch down and shape into rolls. Let rise and bake at 325 in a convection over for 20-30 minutes, til golden on bottom.

Be sure to post a picture to our Facebook wall after you try these at home, and be on the lookout for more recipes in the near future. You can also learn about our dining facilities here, or find information about our upcoming Mother's day meal here