What is Camp Hebron?

Camp Hebron is a Christ-centered Retreat Center and Summer Camp nestled in beautiful Powell's Valley, just north of Harrisburg, PA. Watch the video and read more below to learn about who we are.

Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate a sanctuary where people connect with God, nature and each other. 

Our Vision

A place set apart for all who come to...

Draw nearer to God,

Find joy in creation, and

Form and deepen relationships.

Our Values







Our History

Camp Hebron was founded in 1957 by a group of Lancaster County Mennonites who shared a vision for a camping ministry for under-served children from Harrisburg and surrounding areas. Camp was intended to be an outdoor fun experience for city children, and was an opportunity to share the Good News of God’s Love.   

The program also appealed to children and youth from rural Lancaster County, and in the early '60s Camp Hebron became a nurturing place for city and country children to become friends, to play and worship together. 

In the decades since, the facility has grown and expanded to include several unique camping and retreat areas, including an all-in-one retreat center, motel-style rooms, bunk cabins, rustic shelters, several cottages and a scenic campground. Today Camp Hebron serves churches, groups, families and campers from regions such as Harrisburg, Lancaster, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and beyond.

Through all the change, one thing has remained consistent: Camp Hebron is a place where people connect with God, with nature, and with each other.