The Impact of Camp

This was Drake’s first time away from home for a week at overnight summer camp and with the help of a caring donor, whom he never even met, he was afforded this opportunity. Campership recipients have the opportunity to receive half and full scholarships based on need.


Drake gives camp a 10 out of 10

Drake is located on the bottom righthand side and is featured with his cabinmates.

Drake had so much fun, and gives his time at camp a 10 out of 10. He got the chance to sing, pray, and do lots of activities, like bottle rockets, horseback riding and hiking. He fell in love with horses after his ride. At camp, Drake went to a pool party, and had mountain pies for the first time. He is really hoping to get back to camp again next summer.

Drake attended Nature Camp because he loves nature and animals. While at camp, he made a couple new friends with the kids in his cabin. The highlight of the week was the horse trail ride. His horse was Luke, and Drake said, “he is the smartest horse because he knows when to park without guidance.”

Hundreds of lives like Drake are impacted every year. Will you play a part in the “Stories Unfolding” here at camp and invest in the next generation of campers?

Did you know, according to the National Wildlife Foundation, the average American boy or girl spends as few as 30 minutes in unstructured outdoor play each day and more than seven hours each day in front of an electric screen. Many kids are out of shape, socially disconnected, easily distracted and anxiety ridden. We are living in a world of Snap Chat, Instagram, FB, Twitter, emoji and texting abbreviations like LOL, TTYL, IDEK, NP, K, TY etc. Help Camp Hebron sustain a sanctuary from the busyness, distractions and noise of life; and come to a place of rest for the weary.

Are you considering sending your child to summer camp next year? The staff at Camp Hebron would love to supply you with information about our camps and programs. Camp Hebron is a Christian Camp and Conference Center located in Halifax, PA along the Appalachian Trail just north of Harrisburg. We have 340 acres of land and host a variety of summer camps and programmed events all year long.

Now more than ever, youth need to disconnect from electronic and connect with nature.  2018 marks Camp Hebron's 61st anniversary and we need your help Today to finish the year strong! In keeping camp affordable to all. Please partner with us in a year-end gift to camp! Your gift will help camp continue its ministry and reach the next generation of campers.

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Camp Hebron is a Christ-centered Retreat Center and Summer Camp nestled in beautiful Powell's Valley, just north of Harrisburg, PA. Our mission is to cultivate a sanctuary where people connect with God, nature and each other.