Find Your Passion At Camp!

By, Alexis Lee

Camp Hebron was one of the best experiences I have had in my life and am so thankful for the amazing time at Horse Camp and all those who made it so special for me.  I met many new friends at Saddle Straddle Camp and have a much closer bond with God.  At camp we participated in many fun activities.  The campus is so clean and very beautiful.  Camp Hebron has the best camp counselors and staff. 


Alexis Lee

“It is my hope to be a Camp Hebron counselor when I am older. I had such a great time, I am signed up for two weeks next year.”

While at camp, children build confidence and feel safe with their counselors and cabinmates. Campers tend to be more comfortable taking healthy risks, setting personal goals and recognizing their dreams in life. A girl might attend a Horse Camp like Alexis and come back with a passion for horses, or a boy may have made the final goal during the soccer game during Sports Camp and sees his potential to join the soccer team back home. Whatever it is, overcoming challenges and pursuing passions at summer camp will help kids accomplish what they want to pursue in life.

Now more than ever, youth need to disconnect from electronic and connect with nature.  2018 marks Camp Hebron's 61st anniversary and we need your help Today to finish the year strong! In keeping camp affordable to all. Please partner with us in a year-end gift to camp! Your gift will help camp continue its ministry and reach the next generation of campers.

Visit us at for more information on how your child can enjoy summer camp at Camp Hebron.

Camp Hebron is a Christ-centered Retreat Center and Summer Camp nestled in beautiful Powell's Valley, just north of Harrisburg, PA. Our mission is to cultivate a sanctuary where people connect with God, nature and each other.