Watch This!

“Watch this.” This is how one awesome counselor responded when asked to describe what God did this summer, and I could not agree more. Camp Hebron is an extraordinarily unique crossroads of God, nature, and people. It is only fitting that as we are called to be in right relationship with God, creation, and others, there exists a space that so beautifully encourages the growth in all three facets of the holy call. Knowing this, how great an opportunity it is to be on summer staff, where we can be a part of that culture and encourage that growth in young believers or believers-to-be. Even better than that, we recognize and are in awe of the fact that we are not the ones doing the encouraging, we, by offering ourselves for the summer, are solely providing vessels through which God can work, breathing new life into hearts and revealing Himself to the campers. God moves in our lives constantly, but this summer felt like exactly what my fellow summer staffer suggested God was saying – “Watch this.” Maybe it was “Watch this, I’m going to reveal My love to this kid for the very first time,” or “Hey, you might think being stuck inside for lightning is disastrous, but watch this, I’m going to inspire conversations that will speak My truth.” I could tell a specific, detailed story, but I will choose not to in honor of the fact that the ways in which God can reach us are all-powerful and wondrous, no matter how subtle or profound the movement is. Whether a camper quietly learned something new about the identity of God or a radical, new commitment to faith, things happened at Camp Hebron this summer. What a comfort to know that God and His works are good – those already done and those that He will do.

Many thanks to Mark Hershey for sharing his experience on summer staff.  You too can be part of something extraordinary.  We need your help on Friday, November 17th beginning at midnight. Join Camp Hebron in the Extraordinary Give - One BIG 24 hour day of giving! Your dollars will be part of a stretch pool and random financial prizes are chosen throughout the day so your money with stretch even further to help camp. Visit