Camp Impacts Summer Staffer

     By Megan Tolle,

        I joined summer staff in 2014 as a Wrangler. And I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to spend four amazing summers at Camp Hebron. I actually never heard of Camp Hebron until Dean Berger, Horsemanship Director at camp contacted me about a summer position as a wrangler at the barn. I had applied to River Valley Ranch and didn’t get accepted but I believe it was God’s plan for me to come to Camp Hebron because not too long after I received an email from Dean. 

         Over the past four summers, one thing that has impacted me about camp is the staff. Both summer staff and full-time staff. I’ve met so many new people and have gained friends that have become some of my best friends. Friends that have encouraged me, pushed me to give it my all, and have been there with me through my walk with God.  I have found so many friendships that will last for many years to come.  The full-time staff are so inviting and are always checking in with you and asking how you’re doing.  I learned so much under Dean and Susan Bergers guidance at the barn.  The barn staff became like a second family.  I don’t live too far, away either so I’m able to come back to camp to volunteer at the barn and hang out with everyone.

         I made so many memories that it’s hard to find a favorite memory.  I shared so many laughs and tears with everyone.  From blind-siding a wrangler and dunking her in a water trough to the Banana King “stealing” a horse and the wranglers chasing after the Banana King through a pasture.  Last summer (’16), towards the end of camp, all the barn staff came down with hammocks and sleeping bags and we all camped out with the campers. I think that was a record for us as we got about 5 or 6 hammocks strung up in the lawn and it ended up looking pretty cool.  One memory I definitely remember over the last four summers are all the “secret” wrangler rides into Halifax to get slushies from Sheetz.

         My time at Camp Hebron has been an amazing and awesome time of growth and so much more! I’m leaving camp with so many amazing friends and so much more knowledge around the barn thanks to Dean and Susan Berger. My summers were unbelievable, indescribable, and full of discovering how amazing God is.    

      Many thanks to Megan for sharing her four year experience on summer staff with the Horsemanship Program. Camp Hebron's Meadowview Stable houses a 60' by 130' indoor arena, 22 stalls and climate-controlled tack room where guests can enjoy our horsemanship activities year 'round.  Programs at the barn continue to assist at-risk youth, teach riding students, instruct Wranglers like Megan and provide rides out on the trail. You too can be part of something extraordinary.  We need your help on Friday, November 17th beginning at midnight. Join Camp Hebron in the Extraordinary Give - One BIG 24 hour day of giving! Your dollars will be part of a stretch pool and random financial prizes are chosen throughout the day so your money with stretch even further to help camp. Visit