My Experience At Bacon, Bible & Bros.

My name is Timothy Weber, and I’m 14 years old! This was my first year going to Camp Hebron’s summer camps (I’ve only previously done their homeschool gym class). And it was not just my first camp here, it was also the first overnight camp I’ve ever gone too! I went to the Bacon, Bibles, Bro camp (BBB) and I really enjoyed it! I didn’t know much of what would happen going there other than that I would hear a message, and eat bacon. But the things they planned were really enjoyable, we did team building exercises while belaying each other on the rock wall, we did the high ropes course, we learned how to tie knots and many other things to prepare for our big canoe trip on Wednesday! 

This trip lasted from early Wednesday morning till late Thursday evening, we went canoeing for a while, then found a place to camp out for the night, and the next day we canoed for a little while more before getting back to the Camp grounds! At first I was not too thrilled for this canoe trip as I do not like canoeing, but I pushed through it, and after that part was done, I enjoyed the other things we did there! One of the people at my camp tried bringing the phrase “gnarly” back, so we all helped join in the fun of that throughout the week! I became really good friends with everyone at the camp and I would love to see them all again someday!

The part that impacted me the most was probably the topic of Love where we studied 1 Corinthians 13!

My counselor was Ben Conrad, and he was a very great leader, he was very nice and energetic, and he was very willing to help you whenever you needed it! The worship leader was Austin White who I had known previously, and he is very great at singing, and helped us learn the songs really well. My two adventure leaders were Joe and Jim (I sadly do not remember their last names) Joe taught me how to make a fire, which I never had any idea how to do before going, and Jim helped me conquer my fear of the high ropes course! He also was a HUGE Star Wars fan just like me so that was a bonus!

Oliver Thompson was the speaker for the week and his lessons were about how to become a good man of Christ, his sermons were very powerful and impacting, and made a difference in my life! The part that impacted me the most was probably the topic of Love where we studied 1 Corinthians 13! Often times people misinterpret what love is, but that lesson really taught me what it is, and how to love others wholeheartedly! If you were to ask me if I wanted to come back to this camp or any other camp here at Camp Hebron next year I would say yes in a heartbeat!