Polished Conference for Mothers & Daughters

Mark your calendars for Nov.11th-13th, as Camp Hebron partners with the Polished Conference to make our Mother/Daughter Slumber Party better than ever! This weekend is designed for young women and their moms to examine self-worth, beauty, fashion, adversities, relationships, and purpose from a Biblical perspective. Why yet another conference for women? 

"We here at Polished know that sometimes you may feel as if you speak a different language than your mother and she might feel the same. We hope to help you understand each other a little better by the end of the retreat." Although times and trends have changed, “Nothing is new under the sun.” (Ecclesiastes 1:9) "Our goal is to celebrate that we are all beautiful in the Lord’s eyes and that He has amazing plans for each of our lives," States Emma Danzey Co-Founder of Polished.

This weekend is designed to give girls (age 11+) and their moms newfound confidence as women, a closer relationship with Christ and one another, and bigger hopes and dreams than ever before! 

In the words of one conference attendee: “The Polished Conference was one of my favorite experiences ever! It was a wonderful time of worship, meeting new girls, and learning what it means to be polished by God!”

Find more information and affordable weekend prices here.