Fear Of Horses Overcome!

A Heartwarming Testimonial by Patty Desmond

Before his experience at Camp Hebron last Spring, Bryan Desmond was terrified of horses.  He was even afraid of big dogs.  Bryan is legally blind and autistic. I know his sense of hearing is incredible and believe that he hears the sound of the animals' gait and breathing (dog or horse) and when he gets closer it really scares him.  We had tried several times to introduce him slowly to a small horse at a local riding farm.  Bryan would scream and tantrum until we got as far away from the horses as possible to make him comfortable

The video below was taken by one of his teachers, was so unexpected and such a great milestone in Bryan's life.  He talks about Cedar even today, like it was just yesterday that he overcame his fear and rode, even though it's been a year!  He loves to watch himself in this video and is very proud to show it to anyone who will watch!  

Thank you again for all of the wonderful things you do at Camp Hebron for all of our kids, especially the special needs kids who usually are held back out of fear of getting hurt or belief that they cannot do things that typically developing children can do.  Thank you for taking the time to change my son's life for the better.  You have created a life-long memory for Bryan and my entire family.  Keep doing exactly what you guys do!