Camp Hebron Guests Connect with God, Nature & Each Other

80% of statistics are made up on the spot,

or so the saying goes. We all know there is both art and science in how data is communicated. So when we set out to begin measuring the impact that happens at Camp Hebron, I knew there would be differences of opinion about what the data was telling us. But never in my wildest dreams did I imagine just how overwhelmingly affirmative the results would be. Regardless of how you slice it, people truly are “connecting with God, nature and each other” here at Camp.

When we surveyed attendees at a recent Women’s Retreat, 100% of those responding indicated they were able to “draw nearer to God” during their time here. How could we interpret that any way other than as an affirmation of our mission? Or look at our Scrapbooking Retreat, where again 100% of those responding indicated they “found joy in creation” during their stay. Who would have thought ‘cropping’ was an avenue for enjoying creation?

We’re not perfect, we know that. Some of our guests have highlighted areas for growth and some folks choose not to respond at all. But the preponderance of evidence is clear: God is at work here at Camp. The Spirit of God is everywhere, we firmly believe that. He moves in the hearts of people in the slums of India, the urban centers of America, the churches of suburbia: “Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence?” And He moves at Camp Hebron – for the weekend guest retreating from the daily grind, to the summer camper hearing the good news of the gospel.

At Camp Hebron, we are cultivating a sanctuary, tilling the ground and nurturing this space as a place set apart for all who come draw nearer to God, find joy in creation, and form and deepen relationships.

So what role does Camp Hebron play in your story? If you’ve been away for a while, now may be the time to return and experience the joy of Camp anew. Or maybe this is your season to give financially, keeping Camp accessible for all, or to give of your time: a volunteer workday is scheduled for this fall. Whatever the circumstances, I looking forward to continuing with you on the journey.

With Gratitude,

Dustin Musser, Executive Director