Adventure Specialist Scottie Poole arrives just in time for Summer

I first worked at Camp Hebron in 2000 as a counselor, and then the following two summers as a Summer Program Director. After my time at Hebron I worked at various other camps as a counselor, wilderness staff, and ropes course director. I spent two years as a youth pastor in Colorado, before moving to Europe to work at a camp. Then I moved to South Korea where I spent 10 years at a school there doing various roles from substitute teacher to resident assistant (RA). I spent the bulk of my time in Korea as an RA in a boarding school, which entailed getting kids up in the morning, helping with school work, and essentially being a full time camp counselor. I met my wife at this school, where she taught elementary.

Although I've been away for a number of years, and worked at a number of camps during that time, Camp Hebron has always been my first love (as far as camps go). I am excited to be involved with a ministry that is so effective in impacting lives for Christ, and not just the campers, but the summer staff, year round staff, and anyone else who comes in contact with Hebron. The singular thing that draws me to Camp Hebron is this: I believe in Camp Hebron. I believe in the mission, and not only does it bring people closer to God, but it honestly makes people's lives better. I am a living example of this impact, and I am now excited that I get to be a part of that impact everyday.