Camp Hebron is Featured on Horse Radio Network Show - Horses in the Morning

Susan Berger, a CHA Certified Master Instructor and Clinician, has been teaching group, semi-private, and private riding lessons for over 25 years in Virginia and Pennsylvania. She comes from a competitive showing background and has worked with children, youth and adults at Camp Hebron Meadowview Stables for the past 18 years. Camp Hebron has a year-round program that provides quality horsemanship through summer camps, multi-discipline riding lessons for competitive and recreational riders and guided trail rides for novice and beginner riders. An educational program that provides Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts an opportunity to work on merit badges is also available. Susan has pioneered a program of bringing in "throw away" horses that are no longer considered valuable, rehabilitating them physically and emotionally, teaching them how to work through their trust issues, and then connecting them with children and youth through "at-risk" youth programs such as Yellow Breeches, YMCA and private organizations. Susan brings a fresh perspective on how to provide a safe, fun, and effective riding lesson to beginner riders that is both interactive and educational.

Susan was interviewed on the Horse Radio Network's Horses in the Morning hosted by Jamie Jennings and Glenn the Geek (founder of HRN). 

Catch the whole interview here and begin at 30 minute mark.