Volunteers Make A Difference

High School Senior McKenzie Smith Holds Model Horse Show to benefit the Build The Barn project at Camp.

After her involvement with camp and her love of horses, McKenzie Smith wanted to hold a fundraiser to benefit Camp Hebron's Build-The-Barn Program, deciding to organize a model horse show. The show consisted of three divisions, Performance, Original Finish Halter, and Custom Halter. Performance is when the model is tacked up to represent a certain discipline. The models are judged on how accurate the set up is and how well the tack fits. Halter classes are based on how well the model fits the breed you assigned it. The models are judged on breed conformation and color. Models are usually about 1/9 scale or smaller. "I had 26 people entered in the show, some came all the way from Erie and Maryland" stated McKenzie.

"I started taking riding lessons from Susan Berger, Horsemanship Education Specialist about 3 years ago, then she introduced me to Camp Hebron's Wrangler-in-Training program. I have been volunteering on some Saturdays and during the week-long camps in the summer. I made so many new friends and shared a lot of stories during those nights in the WIT room! Camp is where I really grew in the field of horses. Susan's skills with horses are incredible and she has taught me so much. It was an amazing feeling to give back to the place where I have spent so much time and has given back so much to me," said Smith.

The event took place at the Millersburg New Life Center and raised $1,160 for the Build the Barn program. The event was such a success, people are already talking about it continuing next year. Many thanks to McKenzie Smith for utilizing her gifts and giving back to camp in this tremendous way.