Volunteer Appreciation

The People We Can't Live Without

Excellence, Teamwork and Joy are 3 of our core values and a part of the culture that we are striving to create. A culture where board and staff embrace joy, not simply as an emotion of happiness; a culture where you know that the staff is happy to serve, the guests feel loved and there is an overall sense of peace and balance. Without our many dedicated volunteers however, this culture is incomplete.


We’ve all heard “it’s takes a village” but here at Camp Hebron, it takes our dedicated volunteers. We are blessed with people such as Lois and Lester Weaver, who never seem to tire of their sacrifice and service. The next time you are at camp and notice new window treatments or a new furniture arrangement, thank Lois. And if you happen to notice that the road around the lake at the campground is drivable once again, thank Lester.

The ground looks amazing! The lawns are beautifully mowed, the shrubs and plants have been pruned and fluffed and the flowers beds mulched. Please be sure to thank our landscaper extraordinaire, Lorretta Witmer and our dedicated mower, Hal Stopfel.

As we see guests and campers enjoying fellowship around a campfire, we need to acknowledge the hard work and thank the following: Jon Miller and his son’s Isaac and Elliott who gave up 2 evenings to help split several chords of wood. A group of men from Slate Hill Mennonite Church also spent many long hours splitting wood.

A big thank-you to Lee Roland, whose carpentry skills were put to use with some renovations to one of our cottages.


There are many others that need to be thanked!

  • Steve & Kim Styer – kitchen assistance
  • Jeff Krug – vacuum cleaner repairs & maintenance
  • Kathy Krug – kitchen assistance
  • Carol Martin - Host
  • Nancy Martin – Dinning Room Hostess
  • Chris & Nancy Kiner (Campground hosts)
  • Messiah College students
  • Harrisburg Christian School (9th graders)