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“No Place Quite Like it Campaign”


Background | THE FIRST 60 YEARS!

In 1956, 10 layman took ahold of a dream, with the assistance of 12 realtors the search began. They started looking for a place to call camp. These faithful dreamers looked at farm fields and over grown orchard and they saw what could be. The prop-erty was land locked and at first the purchase seemed destined to fail. The board and association gave up and voted to purchase a different property. The whispers of what could be in the shadow of Peter’s Mountain and along the banks of the Powell’s Creek were too strong to ignore. The nudging of the Holy Spirit wouldn’t let them walk away. They went back to negotiate and this time the details worked and Camp Hebron began.

The passion and excitement for ministry grew and spread, volunteers and young peo-ple came from the paved expanse of the inner city to find Christ’s love in the beauty of the woods. Loving volunteers helped campers hike the mountain, explore nature and connect with God. The spring of 1958 the first of the cabins were built using rough cut lumber. In the years to follow additional cabins, dining spaces, meeting spaces and recreation areas were developed. We have been so blessed by these facili-ties and so many young people have experienced the love of Christ through camp and retreat experiences.

The craftsmanship and quality of facilities has been celebrat-ed for 60 years. Today we appreciate them and we know that their future without financial investment is limited.

As we prepare to continue the Camp Hebron story for the next 60 years we are focused on facility improvements, pro-gram development and being good stewards of God’s acres. All of the information and quotes in these pages were done with the vision and mission of Camp Hebron in front and with prayerful consideration. Built into each project budget is contingency and en-dowment dollars so we can be responsible in the work we are doing and prepare to care for it in the future. The plans and design on the following pages were done with attention to cost effective, quality construction. We are working to improve our facil-ities so they are more comfortable, more inviting, and more cost effective operation-ally.

Thank you for being a part of this chapter in the Camp Hebron story by sharing our campaign, making a donation and encouraging others to invest in THE NEXT 60 YEARS!

Thank you & Blessings,

Deke Rider- Executive Director 

Current projects in need of funding include:


    Sylvan & Hillside- Remodel- $700,000

    Fern Glade Remodel & Addition- $147,000

    Breezewood Cabins Lower Loop- $319,890

    Breezewood Cabins Upper Loop- $319,890

    Breezewood Kitchen and Dining- $118,750

    Creekside- Remodel- $125,000

    Program Development- $250,000

  • High quality Vehicles (new or newer 15 passenger van needed)

Contributions can be designated to a specific project or simply to the Capital Fund.  Contact Deke Rider, Executive Director at 717-896-3441 or for more information or to discuss any of these projects.  

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We welcome cash or in-kind contributions toward the items listed below. Any questions? Contact us for more information.