Supporting Camp Hebron
for over 60 years


Camp Hebron is 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization owned by the Camp Hebron Association. Association membership is open to persons who give evidence of a consistent Christian life and testimony, are members in good standing in a Christian church, and support Camp Hebron's mission.

The Association serves as the backbone for the ministry of Camp Hebron, and consists of individuals committed to supporting camp in a variety of ways including time, finances and prayer. The Association meets annually to elect officers, review financial statements, hear how God is working through the programs, encourage the staff, and fellowship with other members. The annual meeting generally takes the form of a fund raising banquet held in October.

Membership Benefits

  • Provides you with a 10% discount on available meals and lodging for individual use.
  • Entitles you to free hiking, picnicking, swimming and boating throughout the year.
  • Encourages your continued support and contribution toward Camp Hebron's ministry.
  • Represents your partnering with Camp Hebron in changing lives.

Membership Options

  1. Annual Membership
    • Individuals may join for a fee of $50 per year.
    • Couples may join for $75 a year. Both spouses have voting rights in the Association.
    • Family memberships are available for $100 per year. Family membership gives both spouses full voting rights and children under 18 nonvoting benefits.
  2. Lifetime Membership
    • Individuals may join for life by paying a one time fee of $1,000.

To become a Camp Hebron Association Member, please complete the Association Membership Form and send it with appropriate fees to:

Attn: Association Membership
Camp Hebron
957 Camp Hebron Road
Halifax, PA 17032