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RockSOLID Camp Connection is a partnership with Camp Hebron that allows for children of the Halifax area to share cabin space with peers from our community. Children that room together can return to school together, positioned to challenge and encourage one another in their faith throughout the year. 

In addition to facilitating cabin rooming arrangements, we are offering financial assistance, because we believe money should never be a reason a child misses out on a Christian camping experience!

Why was the Rocksolid Camp Connection Created?

In recent years societal pressures have become increasingly more difficult for young people to navigate. That’s why the transformative Christian camp experience is as important as ever: kids need the encouragement that camp provides, and they need to hear the love of Jesus. 

The sad news is that sometimes a passion for Jesus ignited at camp can fade, especially if the child doesn’t have a strong community of friends on-fire for Jesus back home. That’s why the Halifax Ministerium created RockSOLID Camp Connection. RockSOLID Camp Connection is about cultivating fellowship, accountability & encouragement by sending kids to camp with peers from our local community. That way, the passion for Jesus kindled at camp can be shared by friends even after summer ends. 


We hope you’ll agree that a RockSOLID Camp Connection will help your child build lifelong friendships, nurtured in a Christian atmosphere and supported by local churches. Give your children a RockSOLID foundation from which they can spread their wings and fly!


Make an eternal difference

Please consider donating to the Camp Hebron campership fund. Your donation provides underprivileged children and families with an opportunity to experience the love of Jesus through a week of camp.