Spring Volunteer Work Days

Camp Hebron needs your help to prepare for the busiest season, the summer! Join us on Friday or Saturday to help with many different tasks around camp.

If you plan on attending, contact Karen Frank at 717-896-3441 or by email at guestservice@camphebron.org

Below is a detailed list of projects we'll be looking to accomplish:

  • Benches at Softball Field
    • The old benches have been removed! This is a two person job requiring digging out existing holes, cutting and fastening new benches to posts.
  • Sling Shot Range: Hang a backdrop
    • Attach a cable between trees to support a backdrop. This is a one or two person job. Need a wrench and short extension ladder and should only take an hour or two.
  • Lights along Road to Breezewood
    • This is a bigger project requiring trenching a line along the trail of Hillside Villa to Breezewood Hill, and along the road along the lower cabin loop. The first stage is trenching the wire, the second stage will be post and fixtures. 
  • Nature Village Roof
    • An 8'x8' roof needs repair. This roof covers our large animal pen. It is a two person job needing a cordless drill and basic tools for wood. The other buildings int he nature center are already finished but a few door hinges can be tweaked.
  • Lights in Gym
    • Using a scissor lift 30+ feet in the air, remove ballasts and replacing bulbs.
  • Pool Slide
    • Two person job. Remove old rusted supports and replace them with new stainless steel supports made by Peifer Welding.
  • Outdoor Benches
    • A one or two person job. Person needs a miter saw and circular saw, cordless drill or nail gun.